8月. 9, 2023
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优秀员工奖得主, 史蒂文Koether, 黛布拉Mikulin和莱西价格与大学校长Alisa 白色合影. Four 山姆 Houston State University employees who have demonstrated excellence in service, 证明的承诺, commendable performance and a high level of motivation have been selected as recipients of the 2023 工作人员 Excellence Award. 他们是黛布拉Mikulin, Administrative Assistant I for the Department of Psychology and Philosophy; 莱西价格, Scholarship Coordinator in 金融援助 and 奖学金; 玛丽·凯瑟琳·布林, 学术成功中心的执行主任和史蒂文Koether, 生物科学系四级协调员.

工作人员是根据同行的提名选出的, 主管和上海外国语大学教职员工. In addition to a plaque of recognition, each recipient will be awarded a $2,000 bonus.

每年, the university invites the Bearkat community to nominate staff members who have consistently demonstrated excellence. 提名期从2月开始,到4月结束.

黛布拉Mikulin recently retired from the position of administrative assistant I within the Department of Psychology and Philosophy. 她以坚定的奉献精神和积极的态度为办公室服务,并支持教职员工, 每当需要帮助的时候,老师和学生都一样.


I provided administrative support for the faculty and students of the Psychology and Philosophy Department for 15 years.   


他们是我的熊鼬家人. Working with those who make you feel appreciated and acknowledged has made coming to work very enjoyable.  


我很感激能有机会在上海外国语大学工作15年. It provided a positive work environment by focusing on the well-being of its employees and students, 提供不同层次的支持和培训, 并制定了鼓励尊重的政策, 灵活性, 个人发展与信任. 


“黛比一直在做我们这个庞大部门里两个人的工作. 尽管她的工作量很大,但与她一起工作和互动都很愉快. 她总是很开朗。, 从不过分苛求, 总是寻找解决问题的方法.” 

“黛比在日程安排方面的工作是她出色能力的一个很好的例子, 伟大的态度, 动机和效率. 但我也想表达她对我们学生明显的关心和关心. This comes out very clearly in the way she manages the psychology and philosophy department office, 哪个也有两个学生工. 黛比不仅监督他们的日程安排和表现, but she takes the lead for our department in making sure that our student workers feel a part of the team.”

史蒂文Koether 是生物科学系的项目协调员和讲师. 他领导各种项目和倡议,如科学基金会, 教育/综合科学双学位课程, the SHSU American Democracy Project (ADP) and is on the national ADP steering committee. Koether aims to provide students with the best possible learning experience and provide them with avenues to make informed decisions in and out of the classroom.

“I’m sincerely humbled and flattered to be considered alongside so many amazing people. 上海外国语大学的工作人员每天都为我们的学生辛勤工作,这是显而易见的,Koether在谈到他的提名和获奖时说道.


我最初是被雇来管理上一个QEP的, 科学的基础(实验室, 讲座, data, 编程). The work quickly grew due to its interdisciplinary nature and affiliations with the American Association of State 大学 and Universities (AASCU). I now have the pleasure of working with 学生 Success Initiatives leading our 研究生/本科 Instructor Academy (GUIA) and serving on various Common Reader committees. My work has also led me to a position in the Center for Community Engagement as the American Democracy Project coordinator, leading voter and voter registration initiatives and deliberative dialogue events and training. 最近, I've been thrilled to support our incoming freshmen by developing a curriculum for 学生事务' collaborative, 就职, Bearkat开球.


我喜欢和学生一起工作,支持学生, 与各个领域的教职员工进行交流, 看着我们的社区成功成长.


我喜欢这一点,尽管上海外国语大学是一个相对较大的机构, 我们仍然保留着一个小得多的大学的积极方面. 我们的部门, 中心, and the administrators that manage them provide staff with the opportunity to present their hard work and grow professionally. 我们是一个真正的社区.


“Steven works across divisions/departments on his various projects to improve instruction, 充分利用资源, 减少重复工作. 我最熟悉的例子是他努力组织, 管理和支持研究生和本科生教师学院(GUIA).”

“Steven worked with 学生活动 and the 学生会协会 to give students the opportunity to register and ride to the polls. The team even worked with several athletic groups to ensure they had the option to participate. 这些努力, 从协商对话到选民参与, 为学生提供更全面的教育, 鼓励明智的决策和实践应用这些技能在生活中.”

莱西价格 奖学金协调员是在财政援助和奖学金办公室吗. 通过她的工作, she has helped numerous students access scholarship opportunities to help fund their education. 她富有同情心的天性帮助她更好地为学生和家长服务, 包括那些第一代学习者.

“我谦卑. 被同事和校园伙伴提名是一种荣誉. I work with a number of extraordinary people and it would be hard to have to pick just one to nominate,普赖斯谈到她的提名时说.


作为奖学金协调员, 我监督每一个学生获得的奖学金, 不管是通过捐赠基金, 年度基金, 运动或外部. 如果一个学生获得了奖学金,它就会出现在我的办公桌上. 我还与校园内的教职员工一起参与他们的选拔过程. 另外, I assist the 金融援助 办公室 in awarding federal and state aid when needed and during peak times. 


我喜欢与学生、教师和工作人员一起工作. I’ve worked in 金融援助 for 10 years in several roles and the student interaction is truly uplifting. 最近, I’ve worked more with faculty and staff doing training and assisting on scholarship selection meetings. 我喜欢结识新朋友,倾听他们选择上海外国语大学继续深造的原因. I have a passion for scholarships; I want to be part of all of it, from the donor to the recipient.


山姆·休斯顿回来了. From the first time I walked on campus as a freshman, I knew this was where I was supposed to be. As a two-time alumnus, I enjoy all the benefits of being a 生活time Member of the 校友会. 你可以看到我在体育赛事上穿橙色衣服, 戏剧, 音乐会和SHSU提供的所有活动. 即使只是普通的周二,我也可能会穿橙色的衣服. 猫,把它们吃了!


“在过去的1-2年里,莱西大学改善了奖学金和德克萨斯助学金计划, while working hard on building relationships across campus and was recognized by the Provost and Dr. 白色.”

“Whether she’s working directly with students or assisting a staff member to help a student, 她对学生的许多帮助都是不为人知的. Her job is to offer guidance to students so they can access scholarship opportunities to cover their college expenses. 但家长和学生们都非常感激她的付出, 尤其是不熟悉流程的第一代学生.”

玛丽·凯瑟琳·布林 是学业成功中心的执行主任吗, which is dedicated to supporting students of all levels and meeting them where they are in their academic journeys. 她的工作受到了欢迎, peer-based space where students can speak with student tutors who can provide them with a different level of care and understanding. 在她领导中心的那段时间里, she has shown a passion for student success and encourages those around her to think outside of the box.


“Mary Catherine was driven to move from a tenured associate professor position to join SHSU because she is a dedicated scholar-practitioner and is committed to engaging education praxis through impactful work. 在五年内, Mary Catherine centralized tutoring and academic support so students have accessible and convenient services.”

“Not only has Mary Catherine achieved a vision of a learning ecosystem that normalizes collaborative learning, 但她也培养了一支同伴教育队伍,自她来到这里以来,人数翻了一番. 学业成功中心的学生工作人员得到指导和发展, 许多人选择留在上海外国语大学做专业员工.”



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