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SHSU has two new discounts available to employees – check it out: Spot Pet 保险 and United Airlines. 了解更多信息, 看看人力资源网页上的折扣, 位于福利/计划/折扣选项卡下.


人力资源 is actively monitoring the Department of Labor's proposed increase to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)'s exempt minimum annual salary, 目标是从35美元开始筹资,568 to $55,068. 尽管最终的规则还没有确立, 人力资源部门正在积极评估这对学校的潜在影响.


Beginning May 1, 2023, reclassifications and market requests may be submitted twice a year. 春季申请必须在11月15日前提交,秋季申请必须在6月15日前提交. We look forward to streamlining the process and reviewing tighter groupings of requests which we believe will aid in continuing to ensure salary equity.



山姆 Houston State University recognizes a great work-life balance is essential to living a happy, 健康生活,优化员工绩效. 了解我们为员工提供的许多资源和福利.

医疗保险. The Employees 退休 System of Texas (ERS) is the administrator for Texas Employees Group 好处 Program (GBP) which provides health and other optional coverage to insurance eligible employees and their eligible dependents. Employees can choose to enroll in either HealthSelect of Texas or Consumer Directed HealthSelect Plan.

牙科保险. 雇员可以选择参加两种牙科计划中的一种. 德克萨斯州 Dental Choice Plan is a preferred provider organization dental insurance plan or DeltaCare USA dental HMO, 哪个是牙科保健机构的牙科保险计划.

视觉覆盖. 员工可以选择加入德州视觉计划. 为一个固定的共同支付金额, 该计划提供眼科检查, 隐形眼镜配套件, and an allowance for the cost of eyeglasses or contact lenses and discounts for LASIK.

长期残疾. Long-term disability provides 60% of the employee’s monthly salary with benefits payable until the employee returns to work or until employee reaches Maximum Benefit Period (based on the age disabled) or based on the condition causing disability. Must complete the 180-day waiting period or use all available sick leave (including extended sick leave, 捐赠病假及病假池), 哪个最长.

短期残疾. Short-term disability provides 66% of the employee’s monthly salary with benefits payable for a period of up to five months (a maximum of 150 days) after completion of a 30-day waiting period or use all available sick leave (including extended sick leave, 捐赠病假及病假池), 哪个最长.

人寿保险(AD)&D). 自愿意外死亡和肢解(AD&D) provides additional financial support if employee or eligible dependent has an accidental 受伤 or death. Amount chosen can be in increments of $5,000 starting at $10,000 up to $200,000.

选择性人寿保险. Optional Term Optional Term 生活 保险 provides additional coverage, including AD&D保障,最高可达年薪的四倍(选项1、2、3或4). 最高保额为40万美元.

家属定期人寿保险. Dependent Term 生活 insurance provides the employee to have $5,000 life insurance, including AD&D为符合条件的家属.

员工援助计划(EAP). EAP services are available to 教职员工 employees and employees’ immediate families to help resolve issues related to family, 心理健康, 财务状况, 法律因素, 还有酗酒和吸毒问题. EAP为各种生活问题提供咨询和支持.

提升项目. Elevate is the SHSU Healthy 校园 initiative to prioritize the health and wellness of students, 教职员工.

带薪休假. 好处 eligible employees may be granted paid time off for wellness activities, 假期, 疾病, 受伤, 和怀孕.

健身中心. The Department of 休闲 体育 and 活动 offers a wide variety of recreational programming and provides facilities for students, 教职员工.

妈妈的房间. “母亲房间”遍布校园, 提供私人护理场所, 泵, 瓶喂, 换尿布. 护理 mothers will need to contact the department or area monitoring the room for access. 如果您不确定与谁联系,请询问我们!

Linkedin学习. 作为雇员, you have access to the Linkedin学习 library that contains wellness related video courses. Once logged in with your SHSU credentials, you can connect your Linkedin profile.

TRS—教师退休计划. Employees contribute 8% and the State contributes 8% of the employee’s wages. 雇员供款是递延纳税的. 利息每年8月31日记入会员账户. 会员在5年的诚信服务后获得奖励.


ORP——选择性退休计划. 员工供款6.65%,国家出资6%.雇员工资的6%. 雇员供款是递延纳税的. These contributions are deposited with the employee’s selected ORP carrier. 参与者在参加ORP一年零一天后获得奖励. ORP is a defined contribution plan with benefits based upon individual investment decisions.


长寿支付. Additional compensation based on the employee’s total lifetime 德克萨斯州 service. Longevity is paid only to full-time staff and is calculated at the rate of $20 per month for each two years of lifetime service credit, 最多可服务42年.


危险的支付. Commissioned law enforcement officers or custodial officers are eligible for hazardous duty pay of $10 a month for each 12-month period of lifetime service credit.


折扣计划. Employees are encouraged to use discount programs that provide savings on technology, 娱乐, 旅行, 和更多的.


弹性开支帐户. 弹性开支帐户s allow the employee to set aside money from their paycheck, 税前支付符合条件的健康和受扶养人日托费用. This lowers the employee’s taxable income to pay less in federal income taxes.


学费援助计划. 符合条件的员工可以以折扣价工作并获得上海外国语大学学位.


Linkedin学习. 作为雇员, you have access to the Linkedin学习 video library where you can learn and improve a job related skills. Once logged in with your SHSU credentials, you can connect your Linkedin profile.


学习学院. 学习学院 offer both live and online classes that feature competency-based curriculum. We have multiple professional development tracks, designed to meet specific needs.

看到追踪 & 时间表

培训 & 会议. Employees are encouraged to take advantage of training opportunities on and off campus. 员工必须每年获得专业发展学分.

学习 & 开发

图书馆. The Newton Gresham 图书馆 primarily serves the research needs but is also available to you for self-growth and leisure reading! 图书馆藏书超过1个.300万册图书、装订期刊和政府文件.


组织. Employees can participate in the 教师参议院 or 工作人员 Council depending on their position type. These organizations are motivated to enhance work culture and discuss relevant issues.


员工资源组. 山姆 Houston State University will allow for the formation of 员工资源组 (ERGs) by current employees to network and promote awareness, 尊重, 以及大学的包容性.