School of 农业科学

New facilities at 吉布斯牧场

The new 吉布斯牧场 教育 和 研究 Center is under construction. 请访问 有关详细信息,.

Mr. Edgar Reeves was inducted into Wall of Honor

Mr. Edgar Reeves was inducted into the School of 农业科学 Wall of Honor on December 2, 2021

Mr. Joe Folk was inducted into Wall of Honor

Mr. Joe Folk was inducted into the School of 农业科学 Wall of Honor on December 2, 2021

Student Teachers_Spring 2022

The School of 农业科学 began certifying high school agriculture teachers in 1920, one of the first two universities in Texas to do so. More than 100 years later, 17 students are completing the student teaching requirement while daily serving as a “teacher of life first, 和 a teacher of agriculture second”. We are grateful to our partner schools 和 mentor teachers who helping them become a better teacher every day: A&M Consolidated (Hannah Lew和owski); College Station (Erin Stutts); Columbia (Jessica Lambert); Fort Bend Dulles (Bonnie Beard); Fredericksburg (Erica McMurray); Groveton (Christy Ecord); Huntsville (Am和a Ermis); Leon (DeAnna Bowdoin); Madisonville (Laurie Babar 和 Danny Foster); Montgomery (Dusty Norman); Onalaska (Adam Graham 和 Jessica Graham); Porter (Chase Chaffin); Tomball (Meagan Moriarty 和 Sommer Thomas)

About the School of 农业科学

在美国名列前茅.S. non-L和 Grant universities in enrollment 和 widely recognized for its outst和ing academic programs, the SHSU 农业科学 program offers a wide variety of educational centers to allow for experiential learning to complement concepts taught in the classroom.  教师 和 staff offices 和 lecture halls are housed in the newly constructed Fred Pirkle 工程技术 Center.  有三个温室, 高架花坛, lab facilities 和 a state-of-the-art floral design lab, students in plant 和 soil science classes are always learning both established 和 new techniques.  The Harrell Agricultural 工程技术 Center is perfectly designed for gaining practical knowledge in metal fabrication, electricity 和 electronics, 液压, alternative energy sources, construction 和 soil 和 water conservation.  The 1800-acre 吉布斯牧场, located just north of town, serves as a living laboratory for all aspects of animal science, soil fertility 和 pasture management, 野生动物生态学.